Shipment Schedule

Air Cargo
Loading: Every Wednesday Afternoon,

Cut-Off: Wednesday at pm

Arrival in MNL: Friday morning

Sea Cargo
Weekly Loading
Loading: April 21,2019

Departure: APril 24,2019

Air Cargo
Twice a month

Jakarta: 1-2 weeks

Jawa areas: 2-3 weeks

Zone 3,4,5 - maximum 1 month

Sea Cargo
Every End of the month

Jakarta/Jawa Areas: 2 months & half

Zone 3,4,5 - 3 months maximum

Days of counting: From departure date of the ship.

Airport to Airport Only
Delivery Time : 7-10 Days from the date of pick-up

By Road (No Perishable Items)
Door to Door
Delivery Time : 2 weeks from the date of pick-up(working days)